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"Ordered the shrimp burrito with black beans and spinach tortilla. Made fresh to order ,and taste delicious. I must have pass by this place a thousand times not knowing it was here. I will definitely return."(3/13/17)

Michele G., 5 star review


"I recently started to eat healthier and found this place near me. I'm still a hearty meat eater, but the vegan avocado wrap is delicious and filling. The salmon salad and chicken salads are delicious as well. I would definitely recommend. The staff is always polite and helpful. I will be returning." (3/28/17)

Cliff G., 5 star review


"What a pleasant surprise! I've seen their signs advertising organic, grass-fed, vegan, etc., but I hadn't stopped to eat in this tucked-away delightful little place until today. I found out they've been here 8 years! I just had a lovely lunch - a vegan spinach tortilla avocado wrap with a free agua fresca drink. I'm definitely coming back soon to try other items on their menu. There are so many choices, enough to happily satisfy most appetites, I'm sure." (3/7/17)

Elizabeth L., 5 star review


"Amazing food!!! I got the vegan enchiladas and my boyfriend the vegan chicken mole. Fresh, delicious, the enchilada sauce was full of flavor!" 5/5 (3/15/1

Karina N., 5 star review


"Good Quality food in the hood! You only have a few! The food they put in the hood is toxic poison. Purposely....Choose Wisely!" (4/1/17)

Danyel F., 5 star review